My key areas of expertise are in developing leaders and transforming cultures.


Leadership is not simply a position of authority to be gained or a badge to be won. Leadership is a continually developing process where you choose to step into uncertainty and invite those who follow you into opportunity. Your key role as a leader is to make sense of uncertainty. As you do so, you will naturally identify what are the most meaningful actions that you can take as a leader. You will also realise how to create value by working with purpose, giving you the confidence and self-belief to develop truly valuable leadership skills and capacity.


Culture is the unseen space that your organisation performs in. That unseen space permeates all aspects of your organisation, influencing everything that you do. Your culture tells the story of where your organisation has come from and what it has the potential to become. The typical method of working with culture to try and codify it as some logical and tangible object. The reality is, however, that culture is a process, dynamic not static, emerging, existing and evolving in that unseen space.

Expertise and Experience

I employ my expertise and experience in a range of high-consequence situations from one-on-one coaching and leadership development all the way through to large-scale cultural transformation and strategy development. This work is done in a very pragmatic and practical way, which naturally engages and inspires all those involved. I provide you with the opportunity to go deeper than you might normally do, giving you the confidence to go to the edge of what seems possible, so that you can move beyond it into the truly valuable.