When I work with you as an Organisational Guide, I help you and your organisation to explore the conscious and unconscious aspects of the tensions that you are encountering as you create your chosen organisational future. These tensions often emerge because of the different perspectives held by members of your organisation as you collectively navigate yourselves into your intended future. As I work with you as an Organisational Guide, I enable you and your organisation to explore and understand your collective perspectives so that you can all see the bigger picture and understand the steps that you all need to take to move your organisational landscape from its current state into your desired future state.

In many organisations, the accepted way to work with the future is to describe it in the form of a plan, or a series of plans, where the outcome is an idealised view of the company at some point in the future. When I work with you as an Organisational Guide, I help you to make the connection between the currently idealised outcome and your organisation’s current evolutionary potential, so that you can actively create your future rather than just hoping that it all goes to plan. Creating your future is not a mechanistic step-by-step procedure where everything will undoubtedly go to plan, it is actually an iterative and evolutionary process, where you are continually adapting your perspectives and beliefs, using your inner world to understand your outer world and your outer world to explain your inner world. By constantly feeding forward the imagined futures of your inner world and feeding them back to see how your vision of the future is actually mapping out in reality, you can consistently create the organisational future of your choice.

My value to you as an Organisational Guide is in helping you, and your colleagues in your organisation, to move beyond individually held organisational perspectives that may have been limiting your potential for growth. These limiting perspectives often occur because of unresolved tensions between different parts of your organisation, and by actually engaging with these tensions, you and your organisation can consistently connect the future organisation that you envisage in your inner worlds with the actual organisation that you successfully create in your outer world. I also share how to work with the Future Connection Process, enabling you and your organisation to create your future in a way that everyone understands.