When I work with you as a Leadership Guide, I help you to explore and engage with any tensions that you may be encountering as you step into your power as a leader. The challenge that you, and every other leader, will encounter at some point in your leadership journey is tension between your inner and outer world needs. The big difference between a good leader and a great leader is that a great leader will take the time to actually explore this tension by asking questions and creating conversations, both with themselves and the people that they attract to follow them. As I work with you as a Leadership Guide, I enable you to become more aware of your inner power so that you can consistently and effectively use it to powerfully transform your outer world.

Most leadership programs and initiatives are based on prescribing an idealised set of qualities that every leader should possess, rather than actually working with the reality of what it really means to be a leader. Instead of just endlessly repeating third-party leadership platitudes and quotes to you, my work as a Leadership Guide enables you to powerfully develop the one leadership quality that really matters, the one quality that every great leader possesses. That one quality is a healthy and free-flowing connection to your sense of inner power, so that you can consistently use it to purposefully navigate unknown and unfamiliar challenges, enabling you to create consistently valuable outcomes. As you successfully navigate leadership challenges by connecting to your inner power, you often find that you attract more and more followers to whatever purpose you are engaged in because they instinctively realise that you can also help them to connect with their power.

My value to you as a Leadership Guide is in helping you to connect with your inner power and all the resources that it provides for you as you step into situations that may initially seem unknown and unfamiliar to you. The more that you connect with your inner power, the more resourceful that you will realise that you actually are, and the more capacity you will have to fulfill your needs and the needs of those who are attracted to working with you. As I work with you as a Leadership Guide, I also share how to work with the Power Connection Process, so that you can consistently ask the powerful questions that every great leader asks as they continue to explore their leadership journey.