When I work with you as a Cultural Guide, I help you and your colleagues to understand and work with the tensions that are emerging, existing and evolving in your stories and conversations. Although these stories and conversations might seem inconsequential to the real work and purpose of your culture, these stories and conversations clearly reflect the symbolic connections that individuals are instinctively making between their inner worlds and the cultural outer world. The stories and conversations are not just merely tangential to your culture, they are your culture. As I work with you as a Cultural Guide, I enable you and your colleagues to explore and understand the connections that you are making, so that you can amplify the ones that you desire and evolve the culture of your choice.

In culture change and transformation initiatives and programmes, culture is often reified as a thing, as an object, that can somehow be fixed or upgraded simply by bolting on or replacing some human behaviours. In reality, however, culture is not simply a thing; it is the story of all the symbol connections between the characters, deeds, locations, and artefacts that contribute to the culture. When I work with you as a Cultural Guide, I help you to identify understand the meaning and the purpose of these connections so that you can make choices around amplifying the most meaningful and purposeful connections and dissipating those that are now meaningless and serve no further purpose in your cultural growth. The more that you understand the real stories that generate your culture, rather than the sanitised and idealised stories that are often told, the more likely it is that you will actually identify what is your most meaningful work, what your deeper purpose really is and how you can truly explore your wider potential.

My value to you as a Cultural Guide is inĀ helping you, and everyone who is connected together in your culture, to understand why you share the stories and create the conversations that you do, and how these shared stories coalesce to form the bigger story of your culture. By understanding the stories that you are telling, and the conversations that you are creating, you can look beyond them and explore how what is being told now can evolve into the stories and conversations that you really want to hear. I also share how to work with the Story Connection Process, so you can become far more aware of the stories that you tell and the symbols you using them, so you can learn how to grow your stories as you use them to symbolically connect your inner and your outer worlds.