Work With Me

In my work with you, my role is not to solve challenges for you but to use my processes and experience to enable you to become aware of powerful insights and actions that you didn’t know that you had in you. My guidance is powerful and encouraging, naturally inviting you to step into unknown and unfamiliar areas in your inner world so that you can identify solutions to any challenges that you may encounter by using your insight, ingenuity and imagination.

More Self-Aware and Situationally Aware

Rather than using the conventional approach of coaching, which is usually just observing and reflecting insights about your intended performance and actual performance or mentoring where I sagely share wisdom and insight with you, my work with you helps you to become more self-aware and situationally aware. As your levels of self and situational awareness develop, you will consistently turn the ideas and imaginings of your inner world together in to valuable realities in your outer world.

Collectively Successful Outcomes

When I work with you and your team, I help you, individually and collectively, to understand and work with any interpersonal tensions that you may be encountering. The purpose of successfully navigating these interpersonal tensions is not simply to indulge in some touchy-feely group therapy but to actually connect the combined healthy and positive flow of ideas to collectively successful outcomes in reality.

Step Into Your Future

All the work I will do with you, with your team, with your organisation, with your culture has one intended outcome. And that outcome is to to connect you to your fantastically successful future. To connect you with your future self, your future team, your future organisation, your future culture all these futures that you have dreamed of living but maybe just aren’t quite sure of how to step into your future and make it happen for real.