I work with individuals and organisations to help them connect their inner and outer worlds. When you make the choice to work with me, I work with you individually and collectively as a guide who enables you to connect the ideas, imagination and inspiration of your inner world into practical, powerful and persistent success in your outer world. I do this by guiding you across the connection between your inner worlds and your outer worlds, so that you can explore the unknown and unfamiliar aspects of your inner world that always hold the opportunity for your potential growth and success. As you make the choice to step across this boundary into your inner world, I guide you towards finding those insights and answers that you didn’t know you had inside you.

Guide Working

In my work with you as a guide, my role is not to solve challenges for you but to use my abilities and experience to guide you into your inner world so that you can become aware of powerful insights and actions that you didn’t know that you had in you. My guidance is powerful and encouraging, naturally inviting you to step into unknown and unfamiliar areas in your inner world so that you can identify solutions to any challenges that you may encounter by using your insight, ingenuity and imagination. In my experience, the more confidently that you can navigate your inner world and its boundaries with the outer world, the far more likely it is that you will actually make your ideas happen in valuable reality.

Tensions and Boundaries

As I guide you to explore your inner world, I also guide you in working with the connection between your inner and outer worlds so that you can work positively and healthily with the tensions that you will often encounter along the boundaries between your inner and your outer worlds. As you connect your inner and outer worlds across the boundary between them, you will find yourself naturally putting your ideas into action, stepping into your power and creating work that you truly believe in. I can help you navigate the boundary tensions between your inner and outer worlds in a number of different ways, as an individual guide, as a team guide, as a leadership guide as an organisational guide and as a cultural guide.

Archegyral Network

Many of the processes that I use, when working with you and your colleagues as a guide, are based on a contextual framework for understanding human nature. I describe this framework as an Archegyre, deriving the name from ‘arche‘ meaning ‘fundamental‘ and ‘gyre‘, meaning ‘constantly moving circle‘. Working with an archegyre often provides you with a much clearer understanding of the boundaries between your inner and your outer worlds and the tensions that you are encountering along them. Joy are also of great value in working with interpersonal boundaries, so that you can put them into a wider perspective and gain a deeper understanding of the constant feedforward/feedback circles that are connecting inner worlds and outer worlds across the boundaries between them. If you would like to learn how to use the Archegyre and use Archegyral processes in your work, then you can become a member of the Archegyral network, where you will have access to Archegyral training and resources.