Illuminating Value

The reason why I do the work I do, through originating these processes and using them with great success, is because years of experience of working with people and organisations has illuminated how valuable a healthy and free-flowing connection between inner and outer worlds really is. Creating a healthy and free-flowing connection between your inner and outer worlds is not just a nice to have, it is fundamental to the success of any individual or organisation who wants to make a difference and to have that difference consistently recognised and valued. It’s always far more rewarding for me to work with the natural talents of human beings, rather than just treating them as the expendable components of an organisational machine.

Increasing Presence

One of the biggest challenges faced by individuals working with in organisations is that, in the workplace, they often lose their connection to their inner world. Although they may feel that they have to leave their inner world behind as soon as they enter the workplace, the reality is that in a 24/7 business culture, the organisational life is increasingly more present, whether you are working on your laptop as you watch a movie with your family in the evening or are checking your emails on your phone in the middle of the night. This results in you becoming even more disconnected from yourself, from your inner world, from the real you, from the person who you are and more importantly from the person who you can become.

Creativity and Innovation

Ignoring and avoiding the inner world inevitably leads to a situation where an organisation finds it increasingly difficult to access its most valuable resource, ideas, imaginations and creativity of the people who work there. Although there are all sorts of processes and methods been currently used to try and promote creativity and innovation, the reality is that most of them just don’t really work anymore, if they ever really did in the first place. These methods continued to be used just out of habit or laziness without really considering why they are being used or how effective the actually are in achieving their chosen objectives. It would be easy enough to show up as a consultant, mentor, coach of facilitator, use these outdated tools, take the money and go home, but my truth is that doing that just doesn’t look like a successful outcome to me.

Human Centred

What makes me feel far more fulfilled is working with individuals and organisations and helping them to connect their inner and outer worlds so that they can turn their ideas and imaginings into practical and valuable reality. My experience has shown me that if you want to work successfully with human beings, you really need to use human centred processes. I do the work I do because I believe in encouraging human nature rather than always trying to ignore or avoid it. Although working with human nature can be challenging as well as rewarding, it is the most powerful and direct way to achieve consistent and sustained success. The organisations and individuals who succeed have the capacity to consistently connect ideas and imagination from the inner worlds into practical reality and recognise the value in their outer worlds.

Proven and Quantifiable

As the poet and artist, William Blake, observed ‘What is now proven was once only imagined’. As you put your imagination into practice, you naturally move into areas that are unknown and unfamiliar to you and your powers of creativity begin to emerge and start to provide you with proven and quantifiable results. When you look around your team your organisation just ask yourself how healthy the connections are between the inner and outer worlds of the people you work with and rely on. In fact, ask yourself how well-connected your own inner and outer worlds is. And if you really want to begin connecting your inner and outer world in a consistently practical and valuable way, contact me.