Develop Your Self

The work that I do with you in developing your self takes a different approach that goes beyond conventional coaching and personal development methods. Most coaching and personal development programmes work from the outside-in by offering to help you construct an idealised version of your self that will enable you to fully realise your potential. Although this can seem very attractive, it often becomes increasingly frustrating as you never actually become your idealised self or actually achieve your unrealised potential. Rather than becoming the person who you know you can be, you find yourself being constantly judged and criticised, by yourself and by others, for not living up to that perfect ideal.

Working from the outside-in also can mean that you are continually generating doubts and fears about living up to prescribed ideals and because you may not have the inner understanding to engage with the source of these doubts and fears, you may find that the personal development work you are doing, the work from the outside-in, is actually preventing you from realising your ambitions. So, instead of taking this idealistic, outside-in approach favoured by other programs, the work I do with you is from the inside-out, from the centre of your self-perceptions, from the central core of your potential.

Rather than always criticising yourself for performing less than perfectly as you attempt to create your idealised self, working from the inside-out helps you to understand the difference between what you are imagining in your inner world and what is actually happening in your outer world. Working from the inside-out enables you to clearly see this difference between your inner and outer worlds, to see it as an edge, a boundary. That boundary is what really connects your imaginings to actual outcomes and as you engage with it to make your great ideas actually happen in reality, you will invariably encounter tension along the boundary.

Outside-in programs avoid dealing with tension because it doesn’t fit in with that image of idealised perfection but when working from the inside out, engaging with that tension, really understanding it and really using it, is the fundamental key to success. The most successful people are those people who have the courage and the willingness to engage with that tension, that difference, between what is and what could be. As you engage with that tension when working from the inside out, you realise that it is not just a threshold, a barrier, a limit, but actually a dynamic flow of awareness between your inner and your outer worlds.

The more that you successfully engage with these boundary tensions and purposefully navigate them, the more that you will actively encourage the powerful and purposeful flow of your ideas and imaginings into consistently significant outcomes in the world around you. As you liberate your potential by successfully navigating the boundary tensions between your inner and outer worlds, you will naturally develop the ability to do this in any situation, so any challenging situation you encounter becomes an opportunity for self-development. The more that you develop your self, the easier you will find it to develop potential in others, in teams, to develop your leadership potential, and to develop the potential of your organisation and your culture.