Develop Cultures

As you continue to develop your own self, develop others, develop teams, develop leaders and organisations, you will naturally develop a powerful interest in developing the potential of your culture. The way I work with you in developing your cultural potential is unique and quite different from conventional methods of cultural development. Most cultural development initiatives reify culture, viewing it as a collection of objects that can be re-engineered by simply removing some objectionable behaviours and then objectively replacing them with some new ones.

Instead of taking this conventional route, where culture is viewed from the outside-in as a set of artefacts to be made sense of,  I work with you from the inside-out perspective, helping you to engage with your culture as a dynamic flow of awareness. I use this unique approach because working with human nature as a dynamic flow is far more effective than working with it as a static object. An organisational culture is not simply the collection of all the parts that comprise it, culture is actually all the connections between those parts and how they influence and respond to each other.

To effectively develop your organisational culture, you have to develop those dynamically flowing connections, which can be identified by working with the symbolic connections that people use to make sense of their cultures. Symbolic connections are part of the feedforward – feedback loop that individuals use to explain and understand their inner and outer worlds, to make sense of their environment. Cultures emerge, exist and evolve through these connections in the form of the stories and the conversations that people create about their culture.

The work that I do with you in developing your culture engages you in this natural environment of stories and conversations that people are generating to make sense of their surroundings. We work with your culture by understanding it as a dynamic web of connected ecosystems rather than examining it from an archaeological perspective as a static snapshot of some ancient civilisation. Like any ecosystem, the stories and conversations that emerge, exist and evolve in your culture, have a natural life -cycle, which you can work with to encourage the most meaningful and purposeful stories and also to dissipate those stories that are diminishing your cultural growth.

As I work with you to develop the potential of your culture, working with it as a web of connected ecosystems enables you to dynamically influence your cultural growth in the present, rather than just viewing it as the artefacts of a dying civilisation that somehow need to be modernised. Your culture will become a healthier and more vibrant environment that will actively support human nature, providing the natural resources that everyone can work with to support their natural human resourcefulness. A naturally developed culture usually far more industrious than one which has been industrially designed.