Guide Working

In my work with you as a guide, my role is not to solve challenges for you but to use my abilities and experience to guide you into your inner world so that you can become aware of powerful insights and actions that you didn’t know that you had in you. My guidance is powerful and encouraging, naturally inviting you to step into unknown and unfamiliar areas in your inner world so that you can identify solutions to any challenges that you may encounter by using your insight, ingenuity and imagination. In my experience, the more confidently that you can navigate your inner world and its boundaries with the outer world, the far more likely it is that you will actually make your ideas happen in valuable reality.

Individual Guide Working

Rather than using the conventional approach of coaching, which is usually just observing and reflecting insights about your intended performance and actual performance, or mentoring where I sagely share wisdom and insight with you, my work with you as an Individual Guide help you to become more aware of your self, which is how you naturally experience the connection between your inner and outer worlds. As we explore this connection, you will naturally become far more aware of how you can consistently turn the ideas and imaginings of your inner world together in to valuable realities in your outer world. In Individual Guiding, I work with your self-awareness of the language and imagery that you naturally use to connect your inner and your outer world.

Team Guide Working

The conventional approach to working with teams is often to treat a team as a homogenous unit, with every team member’s perspectives and opinions being closely aligned. The reality is, however, that trying to build a team by ‘forming, storming, norming, performing’ usually results in a very normal team that produces very normal performances. When working with you as a Team Guide, rather than working with a team as a homogenised unit, I help you and your team to become more aware of the boundaries between each other as individuals and also between your inner and your outer worlds. Actively working with the connections between team members enables them to make much more sense of any tensions that you may be experiencing across interpersonal boundaries. Instead of just trying to avoid or endure these interpersonal tensions, I help you the individuals within the team to use them as a powerful source of healthy and positive insight. As you and your team become more aware of how to work with boundary tensions, your team naturally becomes far more effective in producing outcomes that consistently amplify individual contributions.

Leadership Guide Working

Most leadership programs and initiatives are based on prescribing an idealised set of qualities that every leader should possess, rather than actually working with the reality of what it really means to be a leader. Instead of just endlessly repeating third-party leadership platitudes and quotes to you, my work as a Leadership Guide enables you to powerfully develop the one leadership quality that really matters, the one quality that every great leader possesses. That one quality is a healthy and free-flowing connection to your sense of inner power, so that you can consistently use it to purposefully navigate unknown and unfamiliar challenges, enabling you to create consistently valuable outcomes. As you successfully navigate leadership challenges by connecting to your inner power, you often find that you attract more and more followers to whatever purpose you are engaged in because they instinctively realise that you can also help them to connect with their power.

Organisational Guide Working

My value to you as an Organisational Guide is in helping you, and your colleagues in your organisation, to move beyond individually held organisational perspectives that may have been limiting your potential for growth. These limiting perspectives often occur because of unresolved tensions between different parts of your organisation, and by actually engaging with these tensions, you and your organisation can consistently connect the future organisation that you envisage in your inner worlds with the actual organisation that you successfully create in your outer world. I also share how to work with the Future Connection Process, enabling you and your organisation to create your future in a way that everyone understands.

Cultural Guide Working

In culture change and transformation initiatives and programmes, culture is often reified as a thing, as an object, that can somehow be fixed or upgraded simply by bolting on or replacing some human behaviours. In reality, however, culture is not simply a thing; it is the story of all the symbol connections between the characters, deeds, locations, and artefacts that contribute to the culture. When I work with you as a Cultural Guide, I help you to identify understand the meaning and the purpose of these connections so that you can make choices around amplifying the most meaningful and purposeful connections and dissipating those that are now meaningless and serve no further purpose in your cultural growth. The more that you understand the real stories that generate your culture, rather than the sanitised and idealised stories that are often told, the more likely it is that you will actually identify what is your most meaningful work, what your deeper purpose really is and how you can truly explore your wider potential.

Tensions and Boundaries

As I guide you to explore your inner world, I also guide you in working with the connection between your inner and outer worlds so that you can work positively and healthily with the tensions that you will often encounter along the boundaries between your inner and your outer worlds. As you connect your inner and outer worlds across the boundary between them, you will find yourself naturally putting your ideas into action, stepping into your power and creating work that you truly believe in. I can help you navigate the boundary tensions between your inner and outer worlds in a number of different ways, as an individual guide, as a team guide, as a leadership guide as an organisational guide and as a cultural guide.