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What Happens Inside, Happens Outside

What Happens Inside, Happens Outside

The way that I work with you to help you develop your potential is unique and original. Whereas conventional development processes use an outside-in approach, viewing potential as a static object, a thing to be obtained, I work with you from the inside out, engaging with your potential as a dynamic flow between what is and what could be, between who you are and who you can become, between what you have and what you need. My unique approach places you at the centre of your self-perceptions, enabling you to powerfully engage with the dynamic flow between your inner and your outer worlds.

What I Do

What I do is to work with individuals and organisations to help them connect their inner and outer worlds. I do this by designing and delivering original, human centred processes that have emerged from years of experience and success in working with language, imagery and emotion. By using the natural power of human nature I help you connect your inner and outer worlds so that you can actually make your ideas and inspirations happen for real, producing practical, valuable and significant results.

Award Winning Business Psychologist

The work I do with you is different because I actively work with you in the liminal area along the boundaries between your inner and outer worlds, rather than just working with idealised inner world beliefs or cynical outer world viewpoints in the way that conventional processes usually do.

These boundaries are usually avoided because they often involve tension, and much of this tension occurs at an unconscious emotional level. Instead of trying to avoid tension, I work with you to positively engage with it, so you can create a healthy free-flowing awareness.

Working with me in this innovative way enables you to powerfully and consistently make your ideas and inspirations actually happen in reality.

Who I Am

The reason why I do the work I do, through originating these processes and using them with great success, is because years of experience of working with people and organisations has illuminated how valuable a healthy and free-flowing connection between inner and outer worlds really is. Creating a healthy and free-flowing connection between your inner and outer worlds is not just a nice to have, it is fundamental to the success of any individual or organisation who wants to make a difference and to have that difference consistently recognised and valued. It’s always far more rewarding for me to work with the natural talents of human beings, rather than just treating them as the expendable components of an organisational machine.

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